Trowse, G.

Name: Greg Trowse
Background: Consultant
Organization: Fundy Tidal Inc.
Interest: Resource assessment, environmental and performance monitoring
Country: Canada

About Me:

Greg Trowse is the Chief Technology Officer of Fundy Tidal Inc., which focuses on small-scale tidal energy projects that involve community ownership and local benefits. Greg’s research focus and responsibilities include: resource assessment and site characterization activities, evaluation of technologies for deployment at Fundy Tidal berth sites, Fundy Tidal’ s R&D projects, and the development and implementation of Environmental Effects Monitoring Plan. Greg worked with Nova Scotia Power as an Environmental Specialist during the OpenHydro deployment in the Minas Passage, and assisted them with environmental and performance monitoring. Greg is currently a member of the Fundy Energy Research Network Biological and ecological effects subcommittee.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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