New Marine Energy Video Series!

Submitted by OES-Environmental on Nov 08, 2022

In order to responsibly develop marine energy, we need to understand the potential environmental effects on the animals, habitats, and environmental processes. There is still more to learn in order to support the deployment of this low carbon industry in a sustainable manner.  

Marine Energy Video Series

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Water Power Technologies Office, OES-Environmental and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory produced an illustrated video series on the environmental effects of marine energy. Four short videos were developed in 2022 and include an overview of environmental effects as well as videos on potential effects of underwater noise, electromagnetic fields, and changes in benthic and habitats.

There is a continuing need for educational information around the growing marine energy industry, including material on potential environmental effects. The video series is intended to provide a fun and accessible way to share what we know about environmental effects of marine energy that can be used for a variety of age groups and audiences. This video series is the first of its kind and complements the other educational resources that OES-Environmental has been developing.  

Watch the Marine Energy Video Series here!