Regulator Surveys

Regulators involved in consenting/permitting marine renewable energy (MRE) have faced multiple challenges due to the unfamiliarity with relatively new technology and uncertainty surrounding potential environmental impacts. This has resulted in slow progress for the MRE industry, including long consenting timeframes and extensive and expensive permitting requirements, which increase financial risk for investors. OES-Environmental has surveyed regulators internationally to understand the key knowledge and outreach gaps to better engage with regulators to support the development of the MRE industry world-wide.

Map of surveyed countries by year

The questions utilized in the surveys were adapted from the questions used in the first survey, deployed in the United States and available here.

The results from each of the surveys have been analyzed and described in a report for each country. Additional reports will be added here as the survey is completed and analyzed in other OES-Environmental countries. Click on the country flag or the links below to open the report for each country.


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The results from these surveys have been used to inform the development of the data transferability and risk retirement concepts in addition to the outreach strategy of OES-Environmental, and have been published in a conference paper (Freeman et al. 2020) and a journal article (Rose et al. 2023).