Boon, A.

Name: Arjen Boon
Background: Researcher
Organization: Deltares
Department: Coastal and Marine Unit
Interest: Benthic ecology, marine renewables, underwater noise, system effects, monitoring, statistics
Country: Netherlands

About Me:

Arjen Boon Ph.D. is a senior researcher / consultant in the unit Marine and Coastal Systems of Deltares. He is a marine ecologist with a 20 year professional background in fundamental and applied marine ecological research and in consulting for marine policy development. His ecological expert disciplines are benthic ecology, pelagic (process) ecology and ecosystems ecology. He has also well-developed skills in consulting for marine policy, ecosystem impact and risk assessments, and scientific integration and evaluation. He has worked for research institutes in the Netherlands (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (now IMARES)). He has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of process-related ecosystem dynamics and ecological effect relationships regarding the building of offshore wind farms and coastal management. Currently, at Deltares he is responsible for the evaluation of scientific monitoring programs (mostly for coastal nourishments and extractions, and offshore wind farms), for indicator development at national and European level (WFD, MSFD) and for the development and application of the integrated oceanographic and biological knowledge in the shallow coastal environment. Recently, he has been involved in various European projects on the development of an operational MAES marine typology (for the EEA) and developing guidance in EU DG ENV projects on the implementation of the MSFD (integration of spatial scales, connectivity of marine protected networks, linking MAES to the MSFD).

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

Total results: 11
Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
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